a personalized abc book

by Mary Jane

Post image for a personalized abc book

Making this book was such a fun photo project and anyone can do it! All babies love to look at themselves – so it’s a great way for them to get acquainted with their letters. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have – you just need a child, a few ideas and you’ll be off and running (& shooting)! I planned one shoot (where I gathered different props) and I knocked out maybe half of the letters. But, for the remainder of them, I just went through old photos and found ones that worked for each letter. It’s fun to include relatives and things that they love! Some letters were definitely more challenging than others, but it doesn’t have to be perfect – just have fun with it.

After I had a photo for each letter – I used Photoshop to write the word and corresponding letter. I am sure you can do this with InDesign or Photoshop Elements or whatever software you currently have. Once the photos were ready, I printed them out as 8×10’s, got them laminated and bound them into a book. Piper can chew on it, slobber all over it and she can’t hurt it. She loves this book and her alphabet! And yes, she has tried to eat it multiple times.

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