silhouette wall art

by Mary Jane

Post image for silhouette wall art

When I’m photographing, I usually like to stay away from too many shadows, from the dark & murky, from the unknown… When I think of photographs – I always think of light. And the more, the merrier.

But, I got to thinking… There is always surprising beauty in doing something different; in breaking the mold of what you’ve always done.

So, I did it.

I took away the light and I let the darkness tell the story.

It’s completely amazing to me that something so dark, created something so sweet. I love the way the silhouette contours their sweet button noses, whisps of hair and chubby cheeks. And it does it in a way that light could never do.

This is really so simple to do – this is how I did it!

1.) Start with a fairly dark room – as dark as you can get it and still focus your camera.
2.) Put your subject against a white wall or hang a white sheet for the background.
3.) Position your light behind your subject – you could use a lamp without the shade and a really bright bulb.
4.) Expose for the bright light behind your subject.
5.) In post production, crop the head, convert to b&w & REALLY bump up the contrast!
6.) If you need to touch up – use a white/black paint brush.

Here is the set up I used – I know not everyone has a light box under their bed – but don’t let that stop you.

Here is the original shot that I got:

After cropping, converting to b&w and bumping up the contrast – I re-sized it and placed it on a 16×20 image for printing.

Here is Paxton – he looks a little like Mr. Magoo. :)

Here is the before of our wall…

Here is the after.

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