4 things to learn from frans hofmeester!

by Mary Jane

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You’re probably asking yourself – who is Frans Hofmeester? Understandably so. The name didn’t mean much to me until about 3 days ago.

Frans Hofmeester created the time-lapse video of his daughter which shows her growing up from birth to 12 years old in about 3 minutes. It’s an absolutely touching and incredible thing to watch. Click HERE if you live under a rock and haven’t seen it yet ;-).

I can’t even imagine the discipline it must have taken to film a clip each week for 624 weeks! I was pretty proud of myself for photographing Piper every 3 months for the first year of her life. Gosh darn it, Hofmeester, you’ve gone and made me feel like a slacker!

While I am in complete awe and appreciation for what he did – I would NEEEEEEEEVER attempt this. I just know myself too well. I can’t even pretend to have that much discipline – TWELVE years? Seriously, I’m so impressed!?

But, with something this profound and touching, there are always lessons to be learned. If we can apply a few them in some small way – I think we’ll all be better at documenting our life and our children.

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1). Schedule a time!
Now, Hofmeester didn’t tell me this personally…but I can only imagine that the only way to pull off something like this, is to have a scheduled time for filming every week. So maybe he filmed every Sunday before dinner, or every Saturday morning after breakfast, etc. While most of us won’t do something like this weekly – we can at least do it every 2-3 months. When I documented Piper’s first year, I scheduled in a time and put it on my calendar, just like I would set a client meeting or a hair appointment. Make it a priority and you’ll be surprised with how many more photos you will take.

Each of these clips as they stand on their own are not spectacular in nature, but as a unit working together, they are absolutely priceless! So, don’t get hung up on every photo or every shoot being like pulizer-prize-winning amazing. Each shoot will be an important part of the whole when you look back in 12 years.

3.) There is beauty in imperfection.
One of my favorite things about this video is it truly represents real life. It is obvious that Hofmeester didn’t spend too much time styling her hair or coordinating her outfits. He simply documented her in the moment – bad hair days, tears and all. It’s real. And that’s why it means so much. Do you know how many photos haven’t been taken because I didn’t have the perfect outfit? Or how many shots I’ve deleted because Piper didn’t have the perfect smile? I know I need to work on embracing the idea that there is beauty in imperfection.

4.) Keep it simple.
Simple.White.Background. Love it!! If you’re like me, you tend to make things a tad more complicated than they need to be. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and just stick with simplicity every once in awhile. It’s refreshing. 🙂

I chose the above picture of Piper because she has yogurt all over her face and her hair is all sorts of crazy (which it usually is) – but it really does encapsulate – her. It’s an image that I truly, truly love. And it’s not perfect.

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