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by Mary Jane

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I didn’t find this idea on Pinterest, I didn’t have a manual or step by step instructions – I’m pretty sure this vision came to me in a dream. It was a humbling project that kept teaching me over and over again about learning to cope with plan B, learning to re-envision and adjust accordingly. I had to put my big girl panties on and realize that maaaaybe there was a better way, or an easier way than what I had initially planned (in my dreams). Do you ever get so stuck on a vision, that any divergence from it makes your heart break just a liiiiitle bit? As my husband was talking me down from the proverbial DIY cliff – he assured me that this happens all the time in his business…and in life… and in parenting…and in pretty much everything.

So what was his advice? Something really practical, like, just deal with it (except for he said it much nicer). So I kept going. The plan was twisting and turning all along the way. I honestly wasn’t sure where it was going to end up, all I knew is that I wanted to make sure to spell our name right.

I’m not going to go into all the things that I wanted to happen, but didn’t, because I consider myself a bit of an optimist. So I have thoroughly convinced myself that the way it turned out is the way it was meant to be. And now that it’s done, it’s hard for me to imagine it any other way.

Some of my techniques may be a bit ghetto but we worked with what we had. Is it perfect, no. It is perfectly us, I think so. And I say “we” because my husband went from being a bench warmer to my MVP.

I found some 1/2 inch plywood at Home Depot and I had them cut it to a 16×20. I also picked up some gray textured paint, white paint, paint brushes, eye hooks and some rope to hang it. I got the photo printed at Costco.

First step, paint the wood. Easiest part, by far. Loved this part. Haha!

Next, cut out the photo. I used scissors and it worked great, but I did use a razor blade for some of the tight places. I realized about half way through that I could cut the photo at certain places to make it easier (and tape it back together later). Because in the end, it doesn’t really matter what the photo looks like – you just need the outline. Also, keep this in mind when you’re printing it – I had to crop in and enlarge this photo a lot to get it the size that I wanted and the quality of the image was yucky – but the beauty of it was – it didn’t matter!

Next, put some weights on the photo (you can get creative here)- then apply spray paint. Let dry.

Stencil in your name (be sure to spell it right). Easy enough.

The starfish became a creative addition to cover up something that I screwed up, but hey, I’m liking the dimension it creates. I used a really strong wood glue to get them on there.

And there you have it!!! You CAN do this (if you want to) – I just laid out all the steps for you!

I had a professor at Brooks that always used to say, “As you’re taking your photos, always keep in mind that the best photo might be behind you.” So when you’re taking photos, or making a sign or cooking or writing keep in mind that the best ideas may not be in the direction in which you’re looking. So be sure to turn around every once in a while. If you turn around enough, you’ll find that you’re dancing – and good things ALWAYS come from that.

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Suzi June 26, 2013 at 8:32 pm

What a fantastic idea!!! Love this!!

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