an epic surprise!

by Mary Jane

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I don’t know exactly when it hit, but I think it was somewhere around Piper’s one year birthday. Mark and I collapsed on the couch in utter exhaustion one night and I think I mumbled something to the extent of…”Wow, this parent stuff is hard. I can’t believe our parents did this with 3 kids!”

The whole, “everything comes full circle” thing, really is true. And it’s humbling.

I always appreciated my parents, but now that I’m a parent, my appreciation for them has like quadrupled times ten.


In celebration of my parents 40th year of marriage (this November), I felt it was my brother’s and I duty to do something. And not just anything – but something amazing! And surprising! And AH-MAZING!

My parents flew into Santa Barbara anticipating a fun week with just my family. But, upon arrival they were immediately escorted to the San Ysidro Ranch by my friend Anna. The had no idea what was going on or what was to come. I wrote out little instructions on note cards to tell them what to do when, but they were very vague and still left them guessing. It was fun!

At 5 o’clock they were escorted down to the main lawn of the hotel – and we were ALL there – my little brother, my older brother with his wife and new baby – and us! It was the first time we were all together in over a year and there were 2 new babies to add to the clan! We were all a sobbing mess. And this next series of photos may be some of my favorite photos to date…(and big thank you to my friend Kacie for the pics)!

The reveal!!!!! They were so clueless, I love it!

All of us…

The brothers…


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