An exception to the rule…

by Mary Jane

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And that rule being – SHOOT IN MANUAL!

I shoot in Manual Mode – 93.8% of the time. But, there are certain times that I will use Aperture Priority Mode – and I’ll do it with my head held high. Because in the end, I really just want the shot.

What is Aperture Priority Mode (Av on the camera dial), you might ask? It’s a camera setting that allows you to set your ISO and f/stop and the camera automatically sets the shutter speed for you. It’s a type of automatic setting, but it gives you control over your f/stop (which is a bonus).

When will I use Av, you might ask?

Well…if I’m shooting a moving subject in a really complex lighting situation, one that presents a less than ideal variation of shade and bright sun, etc., then I won’t hesitate to switch it over. For instance, when Piper was running through the sprinklers – there was direct sun, light shade, dark shade, half/half, a strong back light, etc. There was no way I could keep up with the changing exposures and try to focus on her little moving body. It would quite frankly be impossible.

So I got over myself and put it in Av. :)

All of these images were shot with my 70-200mm @ f/2.8. The shutter speeds were coming in at 1/2000.

But, please note that I did use my exposure compensation as well. Because the sun was behind her, I knew the camera was going to make Piper too dark, so I added +2/3 of a stop to the camera’s reading. Since cameras can’t think – you have do it for them sometimes!

And if you’re not having any luck getting good ones of your subjects face – try the booty instead.

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