The Benefits Of Photography For Seniors

by Mary Jane

Eldery with camera

Variety of researches had shown that hobbies save you away from stress, depression and anxiety. Hobbies does not only bring an individual to self-enjoyment, it also plays a crucial role to one’s mental health and well-being. It can be of different forms. It may be singing, dancing, writing or picture taking.

Photography is one of the hobbies that most elderly people can benefit from. It allows them to be more explorative despite with their age. It can be an instrument to express their selves and deal struggles (physical, mental, and emotional) in better way. Since elder people can benefit from photography, it is better to start exposing them into such.

Listed below are some of the benefits in photography that seniors can actually reap.

1. Photography enhance cognitive function

As we get older, the simulation of our brain will slowly be declining. Hence, it is best to keep our mind sharp as we face aging. Indulging photography as a hobby will help you enhance your memory. Moreover, it allows you to face variety of challenges urging your brain to simulate properly and improve. Challenges includes learning the functions of camera, focusing on the details of your subject and compositions, and thinking of some perfect angles to produce good pictures. Of course, when photography are in your line of interests, it urges your willingness to learn how to take tantalizing photos and how you can improve the quality of the pictures by learning some editing techniques through application editors. Generally, the more you train your brain to work out the stronger it is.

2. Photography is a good therapy

Nowadays, variety of groups and pages in social media created intended for everyone to share their taken photos, opinions, and perspective. Photography can be a way for seniors to share their inner thoughts and great ideas towards other people and towards their family, especially if they are living in senior apartments, assisted living facilities, or retirement communities. It builds social interactions, which elderly people needs. Lastly, psychologists suggest that upon sharing photos it helps seniors to self-disclose and share her inner thoughts to people who has the same interests with hers.

3. Photography vanishes stress

Expressing what you feel through the power of an art is a unique way to distract you from stressors or drain them away. Thus, photography is a form of art where you can vent out your tensions and transform them an amazing and beautifully captured image. Moreover, photography requires you to stay focus and attentive to every detail of your subjects. Furthermore, allows you to neglect your stressors and have concentrations to what you are doing. Photography is best in a calm and peaceful environment like a natural scenery. This can make you feel meditated, where it decreases the levels of your stress.

4. Photography as self-esteem booster

Every time an individual receive praises and compliments, it is undeniable that it makes them feel good about themselves. Dopamine is a hormone responsible for making people feel good. Imagine a similar feeling of seniors complimented by people about his/her captured images. It is already an achievement for them to hear some compliments by people. By that, their self-confidence is boosted that it makes them want to aim and achieve more.

5. Photography impels creativity

When you take pictures, you always aim to capture breathtaking sceneries. Now, this is where photography and creativity comes together producing great quality of images. Doing such require seniors to think out of the common and seek newfangled ideas. Thus, pictures implies many messages that are yet to be discover and that is what makes it creative. Furthermore, adjusting lights, backgrounds and angles will make an image more appealing as it is.

6. Photography creates enthusiasm

When seniors became more interested in photography, they are very enthusiastic to travel and discover places where they can have good subjects to capture. More likely, cameras will be the first to carry rather than their bags of essential. Lastly, as they travel to different places, it helps them exercises their joints.



Photography plays significant roles to elder people. It promotes a general well-being of people especially the elders. Thus, help them be socially active and mentally healthy. It is an instrument towards positive outlook. Therefore, the more an individual (elderly) hooks into their interest in photography, the more it improves them as a whole.

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