DIY Photo Projects

birthday interview

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The Birthday Interview – I’ve seen this posted all over Pinterest and I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I had always planned on doing some sort of birthday portrait… But when you combine it with some fun tidbits of their life, it really takes it to a whole new level. […]

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first year book

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If you know it – sing it with me!!! “525,600 minutes – 525,000 moments so dear! How do YOU measure; MEASURE a year?!?!?!?” In diapers? In feedings? In giggles? In PHOTOS (hopefully)? I ask you, is there any better way to measure or cherish a year – than with photos? Besides measuring it with pedicures […]

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a personalized abc book

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Making this book was such a fun photo project and anyone can do it! All babies love to look at themselves – so it’s a great way for them to get acquainted with their letters. It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have – you just need a child, a few ideas and you’ll […]

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