contentment…it’s amazing!

by Mary Jane

pregnant couple

It was Valentine’s evening. I came home from a client consultation to a homemade, candlelit dinner. My adorable husband was the head chef, there were 24 gorgeous red tulips, and a shrimp pasta dish that almost looked too good to eat. My eyes skimmed the perfectly set table, adorned with garlic bread, salad and a red card that said, Wifey. The only thing it was missing was my card to Mark, so I added another red envelope to the table.

In this moment, I couldn’t think of anything else in the world that I truly wanted. I was so happy and so in love with this sweet man who would do anything in the world for me. We enjoyed dinner, laughed and talked about the next chapter in our lives. And when I just couldn’t wait any longer, I ripped into the bright red envelope.

As I read the card – it was so funny – because it sounded eerily familiar to what I had written in my card. Had he been reading over my shoulder?? How was this possible? I looked over at Mark as he read my card and we both started laughing. Everything we had written in there was the absolute truth – it must have been – because we both wrote it.

While our lives have been consumed lately with preparing for our new arrival – we both wanted to make it perfectly clear – that if everything had been different, if there were no baby, if there was no nursery – our lives would be just as joyful and just as full. Contentment is a beautiful thing. And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? Loving the one you’re with? After reading the cards we locked eyes. I knew that I would cherish this Valentine’s Day forever. It wasn’t because of the pasta (although it was amazing) or the gorgeous red tulips – it was because of him. And I learned in that moment what true contentment is…and THEN we went a saw a really horrible movie called ironically – Valentine’s Day. So as well as feeling the joy of contentment that night, I also learned that is hardly ever wrong.

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