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by Mary Jane

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If you know it – sing it with me!!!

“525,600 minutes – 525,000 moments so dear! How do YOU measure; MEASURE a year?!?!?!?”

In diapers?
In feedings?
In giggles?
In PHOTOS (hopefully)?

I ask you, is there any better way to measure or cherish a year – than with photos? Besides measuring it with pedicures and spa treatments (which are non-existent for me), I think photos is the next best thing.

These pages were designed in Photoshop, but I know very similar things can be done with InDesign or Photoshop Elements. If you don’t have access to any of those, I have made lots of great photo books on Shutterfly. They have a great and easy design tool, so you can layout your pages and add text as well.

There is just something so special about having that first year all bound up into one neat little book. Let’s be real – you probably won’t get one done every year – but that first year is so monumental and they go through so many changes. Flipping through the book is really like watching them grow-up before your eyes. If you’re going to ever do a book, a first year book is the way to go!

If you’re really daring and have some time, here is the link to Piper’s 100 page book – PIPER’S FIRST YEAR BOOK or I posted some of my favorite spreads below. ENJOY!

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