I did this newborn shoot 10 days after Piper’s birth using all natural light available in our bedroom. This video covers photography tips on posing and prepping a newborn, props, lighting and camera settings. Photographing newborns is definitely not my expertise, so it was challenging and wonderful all at the same time. Plus, I just gave birth, so give a girl a break – Ha! 😉

Piper was definitely more alert and into the camera for this shoot and we actually didn’t even leave our house, except for a short stint in the backyard towards the end. This video covers posing, props, natural lighting and camera settings. Plus, I delve into more detail on f-stops – what they are and how to use them to get certain results.

For this shoot we ventured out of the house to a neat outdoor location. In this video I will cover all the ins & outs of picking the right location and finding that perfect, smooth open shade (that we all want!). I also cover all of the general aspects of posing, props and camera settings. This was a fun shoot! Don’t miss it!

This shoot revolves all around “Action” with a capital A. Piper is on the move! We decided to hit up a nearby park – one of Piper’s favorite places. While covering all of the general aspects of the shoot like lighting and camera settings – I really wanted to focus on shutter speeds. So, tune into this one for tips on shooting in backlight and picking the right shutter speeds to freeze all the action at the park.

This shoot takes place at the best place on earth – you guessed it – the beach! This shoot is all about light – direct sunlight, sunset light, backlight, etc. The second part of the shoot took place at home. For some of the images I did need to break out my flash, so I’ll be giving you my top pointers for shooting with on-camera flash. I know it can be a struggle, so this is a must watch!