how to photograph your baby bump

by Mary Jane

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So, you’re expecting!

It’s completely understandable that because you’re spending your life savings on car seats, strollers and a gazillion burp cloths – a professional maternity photo shoot might be out of your reach.

BUT…It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t document this most special time. After all, this is the time that your baby will be the most well-behaved and easy to pose. And all you have to do is look BIG (and maybe shower 😉 )!

Here are some tips to making your maternity photo shoot a success and one you’re proud to hang on your wall or put in your baby’s book.

**Since you need to be in these photos – plan to set the photos up and have your husband take them or have a friend come along, so your husband can be in them too (those are always my favorites).**

1. Big is Beautiful!
Since this shoot is all about the baby bump – don’t be afraid to let that belly get nice and round. You should try to plan your shoot around your 36th-38th week of pregnancy for optimum bump-tastic results.

2. Show off that belly!
This might go against all conventional wisdom, but wear something tight and revealing – at least on the belly. This will help to accent your beautiful bump, especially if you’re not planning on showing any skin. I’ve found that a solid color works best or even just plain black or white.

3. Use your hands!
Hands are so important when setting up these pictures (whether they are yours or your husbands) – they really help to accent the bump and create connection. Here are some different ways to use them.

4. Get a low angle!
This is pretty much the only time I will shoot up towards a woman (usually not that flattering). If you can crouch down and get a lower angle – the belly will look even bigger and stand out just amazingly. Try it!

5. Baby’s first CLOSE UP!
I love getting in close and focusing on just the belly at any angle I can think of…front, side, top…

6. Colorful, fun backgrounds!
Why not accent your beautiful bump with a fun background or the bright blue sky? You could even pull a color or pattern from the nursery – then the photo will be the perfect accent to the room.

7. Let Daddy get some lovin’!

8. Find that natural light!
Baby bumps are the most beautiful in natural light. My favorites are back light, open shade and of course window light. Don’t you dare stand in a dark room and turn on your flash. Your baby deserves better!

If you’d like more detailed information on exposure, lighting, etc. – I cover tons more of it in my FREE video series. You can sign up to see it HERE!

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Dixe Jane June 22, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Love all those bumps!!!!

Hanna June 23, 2012 at 3:42 am

Thanks a lot! Makes me want to have another. Beautiful pictures!

Bets June 27, 2012 at 7:57 pm

Great tips– but now I want YOU to shoot my baby bump!!! (When I have one again, that is.) I have a few bumps around to practice on, so I’ll give it a try!

Todd November 11, 2014 at 3:59 pm

These pics are AWESOME!!!!! You have such a big round BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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