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by Mary Jane

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Today, I am so excited to introduce you to Tiffany – the ultra talented and creative mama behind Munchkins and Mohawks Photography. Although she spends much of her time creating perfect photographs (omg, have you seen her work?!) – she dishes that’s not really what photography is all about. Check out her interview on creating memories and attempting balance in life.

Not only is she an amazing photographer, she is also the creator of some fabulous Photoshop actions. These will help give your images that little extra bit of love to take them to the next level. They are so much fun! We are giving away the Sweet Summer Collection to one lucky reader.

To enter, simply comment below with your answer to this question…

What is your favorite way to learn about photography – books, websites/blogs, videos, online classes, forums, etc.?

The winner will be chosen at random and announced on the Photog Mommie Facebook page on Saturday, August 3rd at 7 p.m.

1) How has motherhood changed your perspective on the importance of historical documentation?
To me, photos are the tangible parts of history. When I look back on photographs of my mom and grandma it really helps me understand my heritage and who I am as a person and that’s something I really want my kids to understand as well.

2) How often do you take pictures of your kids and are they planned sessions?
Like most photographers’ children my kids hate the camera… go figure, right? I do planned sessions with my kids and I always incorporate fun activities that they (and I!) really enjoy. I also have an olloclip for my phone and I find myself documenting a lot of everyday moments with it because it’s less intrusive.

3) How do you organize and backup your photos of the family?
I like to keep things simple, everything is organized by date and the folders are named according to the event. I use Carbonite and Dropbox as online backup but I also put my family photos on an external hard drive that then goes into a fire safe box. This chick isn’t losing any of those precious moments!

4) What about time – running a successful business & also being a mother – how do you do it?
That’s the hardest thing to balance! I make my decisions wisely and I set limits for myself which means at times I have to say no. When I take on a project it must benefit me spiritually, financially, and professionally. I do the things I’m good at but then I delegate the rest. Over time I’ve realized that I’m not Superwoman, it came as a shock but I can’t always do it all.

5) Has being a mother changed your approach in any way as a photographer?
Becoming a mother is actually what created the photographer in me. Having kids is what opened my eyes to see how fleeting time is which is why I work so hard to freeze moments that people can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

6) Have you ever taken your kid/kids on a shoot?
I would be out of my mind crazy to do that! Right now they’re too young, though hopefully when they’re older I can convince them to hold reflectors for me!

7) What’s the hardest thing about being a photographer and also a mom?
Finding the balance is always a struggle, there are days when I want to be a stay at home mom and other days I want to conquer the world.

8) What has surprised you most about being a mom?
It was a complete shock to realize I could love someone else that much. I’m still surprised by how easy it is as a mom to put aside my own needs and do what’s best for my children no matter what.

9) Can you share with us your favorite photograph of your kids to date? And why is it your favorite?
My favorite photos of my kids are ones where their personalities shines through. My youngest is such a mischievous girl so anytime I catch her with a face that says “I’m up to no good” I know it’s a keeper. My middle child is so determined and self sufficient; my favorites of her are ones where she’s showing me that she can do things all by herself. My son, the oldest, is extremely creative and is having fun no matter what and I love capturing that on camera. The photographs that I hold near and dear are the ones that show what my kids truly are, unique and beautiful.

10) What tips can you offer mamas who want amazing pictures of their children but can’t afford a professional photographer very often?
Don’t get caught up in trying to capture that ‘perfect picture’. It’s not just about putting your kids in fancy clothes or fairytale costumes or having them look best with hawaiian baby clothes, it’s also about the moments that you make with them. The everyday moments are what you’ll remember most which is why those are the most important things for me to capture of my family.

11) What camera would you recommend for a new mommie?
Any camera that you happen to have on you. It’s not about what gear you have, it’s about what your eyes see. You have to look past the mundane to see the beautiful because there’s always a beautiful picture waiting to be taken if you’re willing to look hard enough.

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