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by Mary Jane

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Piper is definitely out of the “I’ll sit and let you photograph me for hours” stage. So, when you’re planning a shoot, make it a point to use the stage that they’re in to set the scene. I thought the park would be the perfect setting for her growing curiosity of movement, people and action.

At 9 months, babies are really starting to be fascinated by swinging, sliding, walking, etc. So I figured it was time to dust off my telephoto lens and capture some of the sweet motions of our favorite park. Plus, I always want to remember that one-toothed grin, the wind blowing her few strands of whispy white hair and happiness so real that she almost looks as if she is going to pop right out of her skin.

For this shoot, I really wanted to teach about how to capture action – focusing specifically on shutter speeds, light and lens choice. I also delve a little bit into one of the most dynamic, fascinating light sources there is – backlight!

My free video series that you can sign up for HERE covers Piper’s newborn, 3 month and 6 month shoots. Please stay tuned to the blog as I will be releasing the 9 month videos as they become available.

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