piper jane turns ONE!!

by Mary Jane

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Birthdays were never a big deal in my family and consequently in Mark’s family either. I guess our families were never that into counting years – but we were always into celebrating people and eating cake. But, it didn’t have to be on any certain day. It could be done on any day or all days!

So there have been years where I have almost forgotten that it was birthday or even forgotten how old I was… Maybe that’s why I never feel as old as I actually am. I plan on down playing birthdays with my children as well – BUT…a first birthday. Well…that’s kinda special, riiiiight?!?!? I mean what kind of parent would I be…?

The celebration was just the 3 of us at home. And honestly, I think the celebration was more so for Mark and I. We were just slightly excited that we had managed to survive the first year of parenthood. And of all the things that we could think of that we did for Piper – she had done so much more for us.

Her innate ability to reflect absolute innocence and love – had changed us. The whole concept of unconditional love became real and tangible. And we knew that we were raising a best friend, who would continually teach us and challenge us to grow throughout our entire lives.

And of course, I really wanted to get some fun photos of her opening presents, seeing her first candle and taking her first bite of cake. These are things I never, ever want to forget. Plus Mark dove his face into her cake as an added bonus!

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