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December 7, 2009

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So, it’s 4:30 a.m. I can’t sleep. The pitter-patter sound of rain is hitting the roof (which I love) and I swear I can almost see my breath as I sit here typing. My mom always told me, “Well…if you can’t sleep, then there is probably something you should be doing.” I always laugh (and slightly roll my eyes) and think, “What could I POSSIBLY need to be doing at 4:30 in the morning, besides, sleep!??!?!!?”

As I laid in bed next to Mark, which has an internal heater running at about 100 degrees, I starting thinking about suprises. The suprises I will never forget, the surprises I ruined, the surprises that never happened and of course, quite possibly the biggest surprise of our life.

I have had a love/hate relationship with surprises. I have always thought that surprises are not for the over-curious, over-investigative person. They are surely not for the faint of heart. I have always loved surprising others, but have never been quite sure if I liked being on the other end.

I can still remember the surprise birthday party that my parents threw me for my 18th birthday. As a friend and I pulled up to the place, I recognized almost every car in the lot and almost refused to go in. I thought there was a big party going on that we weren’t invited to… I just kept thinking, “OMG, we weren’t invited!!”

Then there are the surprises that you think are going to happen and they never do. From about 9-12 years old, I fully thought I would wake up Christmas morning and there would be horse (a live one) standing in our living room, right by the tree with a big red bow on it.

Then there are the surprises that you almost ruin but you don’t mean to…like the night Mark proposed to me at midnight on New Years in 2008. I remember saying, “Countdowns are SOO overrated, let’s go to bed.” So needless to say, I could have slept through Mark’s proposal if he hadn’t been so adament about keeping me awake. I was so clueless…but it was the best surprise I’ve ever had.

Then there are the surprises that you ruin because you just can’t get your curiosity under control. Like the time that I had a sneaking suspicion that Gary and Missy were going to surprise me for my birthday. So, I called their favorite hotel in town and asked for their room, “When I heard, hold on, we’ll connect you….” I started screaming and spent the entire day buying presents for my dear friends to give to them on my birthday. I know I’m so weird, but it was SOOOOO fun!

Then there are the times that people ruin your surprises (that sucks), the surprises you knew were coming you just didn’t know when, the surprises you actually know about but act surprised anyway (just for fun)…the surprises that you wish had never happened like the first time I looked at myself with a spiral perm – I thought to myself, SUPRISE you look like an over-groomed poodle with braces! YAY, SURPRISE!!!!

Mark and I are beyond excited for one of the biggest, monumental surprises of our life. Will it be a boy or girl? Can I really handle my curosity? With my track record, seriously, can I really do this? The answer is yes. Yes I can. And I will. I just can’t wait to hear Mark exclaim – It’s a BOY or It’s a GIRL! And of course, that is with the assumption that he will be able to talk and form words.

So, I guess to sum it all up…I definitely like being surprised and I MOST definitely love surprising others…but there is still a little part of me that likes to peek at presents (sometimes), make necessary phones calls (if need be) and do a little investigating…there is no harm in that, right?

What about you – do you like surprises?!?!?!?!

Here is me at almost 6 months…

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