travel photos & the bag that made it all possible!

by Mary Jane

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The Top Five Things I love about my Tote & Shoot – and some of my favorite photos from our trip below.

1. The size!
The idea of having to leave the house with a diaper bag AND a camera bag is enough to make any mama cringe. So, this bag allows me to take just ONE bag. It’s big enough to fit my big girl camera, an extra lens and any number of odds and ends that I might need for the kiddos – diapers, wipes, water and snacks. And it has a comfortable strap to make the lug just that much easier. I just recently used this bag as my carry-on to Wisconsin – and it was perfect. It fit so nicely under the seat in front of me, and was extremely easy to unload and get through security.

2. The easy access front pocket!
OK, so this amazing!!! I haven’t ever seen a camera bag that allows you to keep your camera (with lens on) in an easy access front pocket. This is so key to encouraging you to grab your camera a little more often. You can actually have your bag on your shoulder, unzip the pocket, grab camera and you’re ready to go (and it’s just as easy to put back in). It’s separate from the rest of the bag and has an extremely cush bottom to keep your camera safe. This was the perfect bag to take to lake in Wisconsin. If I didn’t have it, I may have just used my iPhone instead. So grateful that I had it!

3. It can hold a laptop!
The reality is, it’s just too much to carry a camera bag, a purse and a laptop bag – especially when you’re traveling with two young kids. The main compartment in the bag was the perfect size for my 15 inch computer (with room for a light sweatshirt) and my camera with one lens fit perfectly in the front pocket.

4. Functional – yet fashionable!
We all dread having to lug around some huge, ugly bag that doesn’t have any organization. The Shoot & Tote is such a good looking bag, but when you add in the amazing functionality and organization -the bag is just off the charts!

5. The extra bonus pockets for all the endless stuff we have to tote around!
There are a some great side pockets that I use for stuffing in snacks and they are the perfect size for a water bottle. I will sometimes for go my purse all together and use the side pockets to hold my wallet and cell phone. This bag seriously makes my life so much easier.

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