3 Tricks That Help Keep Unwanted Pests Out of Your Home

by Mary Jane


Your home is an extremely important part of your life, and as such, you want to protect it to the best of your ability. One of the biggest things that negatively affect your home is the presence of unwanted pests like rodents and insects. Whether you’re trying to ensure that your Oklahoma City houses for sale don’t tank in value from the pests or you simply just want a cleaner and safer place to live, getting rid of these pests is important. Not only are these pests annoying and unattractive, but they could also carry diseases into your home and destroy your property. So how can you get rid of the pests you already have and prevent new ones from appearing? Here are three tricks that help keep unwanted pests out of your home.

Get Rid of Trash Properly

One of the biggest things that can cause pests to invade your home is not properly disposing of your trash. Bugs and mice are notorious for gravitating towards homes that don’t dispose of trash properly, using trash as food or a home. If you leave your trash overflowing or don’t dispose of it properly, you could attract unwanted pests to your home. Thankfully, there are some ways to prevent this. First, you should always keep your trash in a bin and never let it overflow. When disposing of trash, either take it directly to the dump yourself or store the trash in a sealed bin outside of your home. You want to ensure that no pests can get access to your trash, limiting the likelihood that they’ll come around your home.

Have Home Cleaning Days

When it comes to pests getting into your home, sometimes just cleaning out your trash and disposing of it isn’t good enough. Sometimes you’ll also need to ensure that the rest of your home is clean and free of clutter and waste. One of the best ways to do this is to have dedicated cleaning days for your home. Pests like cockroaches and mice love making homes in dark corners full of clutter and other messes. You should try your best to clean this clutter up completely, limiting the number of places that those annoying pests have to hide. If you dedicate a few days a month to cleaning out your home, you can ensure that it is spotless and pest free. If you truly want to keep your home pest-free, then you’d best ensure that you remove all potential homes for pests by cleaning.

Repair/Replace Doors and Windows

Although other parts of this list focused on keeping your home neat and clean to prevent pests, that isn’t the only thing you need to do to prevent pests from entering your home. You should routinely check your doors and windows for any cracks or openings that pests may be able to take advantage of. If you even have a small opening in one of your doors or windows, pests may be able to sneak through. These small openings provide an entrance for these pests into your home, making it next to impossible to prevent them from entering. As a result, you need to be routinely checking your doors and windows to ensure that they are sealed and sturdy. If you find something that’s not sealed or sturdy, then you need to repair or replace that opening before you have a major pest problem on your hands.

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